about the author

Chris Reynolds

Father, husband, writer, musician, adventurer, explorer, inventor, and faithful friend. I value God, country, family, friendship, loyalty, honesty, and integrity. Son of a sailor, raised in Maine, and schooled in Florida, at one time or another, I have called Bar Harbor, Presque Isle, St. Pete, Miami, New York City, Easton, Connecticut, Culver Indiana and Pacific Palisades, California, my home. My beautiful wife, Merryl, and I have been together since 1984, and we raised two extraordinary children who now live in New York and Miami.

An avid history buff who believes in research, and more research, I tend to look for hidden agendas that can be linked by common threads. So, it is only natural that my stories revolve around ancient mysteries, alternative histories, personal destiny, and shadowy figures that pull the strings of what goes on in the world.

Weaving together known truths, ancient myths, arcane facts, and legends, I try to craft tales of suspense and intrigue that can only be unraveled through the lens of unconventional insight. Remember, just because someone labels something a conspiracy theory, doesn’t mean it’s not true…