No boat could have survived the storm that left Mark Lambert missing and presumed dead. Landing on an uninhabited island, far from any shipping lanes, and far from hope, solitude strips away all the things he once thought important.

After a powerful hurricane strikes the island, he is surprised to discover an ancient grotto with high waterfalls cascading into a crystal blue lake. And swimming in the middle of the hollow is a beautiful young woman...

Is she real or simply a figment of his imagination? After being alone for over five years, he does not care. Each day he returns to the grotto and each day she is there. Never revealing who she is or where she goes, she becomes his teacher, philosopher, and spiritual guide.

By dismantling what was once a secular worldview and polishing it into a lens as seen through the eyes of God, her insights about life, death, and the world we live in, move Mark along a path of transformation. Until one day, she announces that her work is done and that he is ready to fulfill his destiny.

The timing of her exit coincides with the arrival of familiar adventurers who believe the island holds an enormous cache of buried treasure. Rescued, ready to face the next chapter in his life, Mark fights to hold on to the lessons learned. When recalling past conversations with his enigmatic companion, clues she left him lead to the greatest discovery in modern history and along the way, makes him one of the richest men in the world.

But how will he handle this great power? He must decide if he will revert to his secular worldview or use the gifts God has given him to make the world a better place.

The journey Mark pursues reveals that on the road of destiny, there are no ordinary lives.

ghost gold

Book II The Manna Chronicles

Did the Knights Templar hide an Ancient Egyptian Secret in the stained glass of their Gothic Cathedrals. Can this secret save mankind from the powerful forces looking to enslave humanity with their New World Order?

Ghost Gold is Book II of the Manna Chronicles and will answer many of the questions left unanswered in Lost Secret of the Ancient Ones. The world is in the cosmic crosshairs and few are aware of the looming peril. Having learned the Ancient Secret of the transmutative properties of Sacred Manna, Maya Harrington is forced to accept that her destiny is a road that was paved eons ago. She can no longer deny that she has been chosen to confront the evil that is about to be unleashed upon the world. An evil that must be stopped. Is this the trigger to end time events that have been prophesized through the ages? Are they cast in stone or is Maya the hope that can lead to a different outcome? Will the cabal that is orchestrating events from the shadows succeed or will she and her team be able to stop them? Ghost Gold is a fast paced, non-stop adventure. Knights Templars, Lost Treasure, Ancient Egyptian Queens, Prominent Biblical Characters, and Ancient Prophesy spanning the millennia, converge upon a single question - Is destiny real? Join the adventure and prepare to hang on for a wild ride.




Book I The Manna Chronicles

“Welcome to the world’s greatest mystery. It has everything-clues and ciphers, red herrings, and consciously enigmatic jokes. There are villains, victims, and heroes littering the plotlines, along with ancient books, inscrutable monuments, and strange unearthly figures that flit along through the ages as if they had a purchase agreement on eternity.” – Fulcanelli

“A page-turning modern-day Da Vinci Code. Look out Laura Croft, there’s a new heroine in town!” – Veritas Film & Television

The Pharaohs of Egypt, Plato, Aristotle, Sir Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, and the late Stephen Hawking, have all sought to learn the secret of the ancient ones. A secret so powerful it can change the world.

Sprinkled throughout the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls, are references to the mysterious essence of the Philosophers Stone. Has quantum physicist Dr. Alex Harrington unraveled the mystery? Missing for more than three months, powerful forces are desperate to find him, to learn what he has discovered. To stop him from exposing their plans.

Watching his daughter, they know that she received a package that contained her father’s diary. What they don’t know, is that the wheels he has set in motion has launched her upon a perilous path. A path that holds the fate of the world in its balance.

As an archaeologist, science is Maya Harrington’s religion. Pragmatism, reason, and probability her theology. Vowing to find her father, she is forced to confront the possibility that there are influences beyond reason and forces outside the realm of explanation.

As she unravels each layer of the greatest mystery of all time, it is becoming clear that there are those who have used the eclipse that crossed America in 2017 to initiate a countdown towards a worldwide conflagration. From out of the ashes this shadow organization will usher in a New World Order. All under the control of a few.

Is she deluding herself into believing that she was chosen to save humanity? Is destiny a hidden road paved at the onset of time?

Book I of The Manna Chronicles brings together ancient history, unassailable facts, and prophecies from across the ages; to the eye-opening possibility that for man, time is running out …





The Lions Gate is a documentary-styled fictional account of the authors’ view of a pending crisis facing the planet. Both spiritual and physical. Is there such a thing as the end of time? And if so, are we now in what the enigmatic philosopher Fulcanelli calls, The Fatal Season?

Is it a mere coincidence that the eschatology of end times of Christians, Moslems, Incans, and Mayans seem to dovetail into a coming point so neatly? If so, what does that mean for each of us, for the earth, and does ancient architecture confirm Fulcanelli’s warning.





In the summer of 1948, within the shadow of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Professor Bartholomew Miles unearths an ancient temple complex that has lain hidden beneath the desert sands for more than 5000 years.

When the Professor and his orphan assistant, Saba, enter a chamber dedicated to some unknown great and mighty god, they discover a strange metal artifact from the 21st century.

In the spring of 2019, thirteen-year-old Richie Radcliff dreads another day at Santa Martina Middle School. The girl of his dreams does not even know he exists, and the local bully is waiting yet again to serve him his daily dish of humility.

But this day is to be like no other. On this day, the legend surrounding Richie’s ancestral home will plunge him and his mischievous dog Kippy, deep into the river destiny. Unleashing a series of events that will lead the pair into an adventure in which the fate of the human race, perhaps even the fate of the entire universe, is hanging in the balance.

Reptilian beings from beyond the stars have devised a way to morph into human form and have come to earth plotting to slip back in time to enslave all of humanity. Richieee and Kippy are the only ones that can see them for who and what, they really are.

Richie must confront ancient gods, dangerous demons, and sinister aliens, to prevent their nefarious plans from succeeding. And time is running out.

Through the Minds’ Eye is a fast paced, non-stop adventure, spanning time, space and the ascent into manhood. And adventure that ultimately reveals earth’s vital role in the vast and wonderful universe.